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Some Fun Facts

Hailing from Michigan, majoring in Fashion Design at Michigan State University, the Actress/Host/Style& Beauty Expert booked her first movie, Out of Sight with none other than George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, which brought her to Los Angeles and straight to the set of ER for her first TV appearance.  The Vietnamese/Hungarian/Polish spitfire  also became the first Face/Spokesperson for the Beauty Product Dermanew and quickly began Hosting a variety of Infomercials ranging from Fitness and Beauty to Financial.  If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy she booked multiple Voice-Over gigs such as The Hills and Ambush Make Over. 


From styling numerous Celebrities, to on-camera Style Reporting for shows like Extra!, The Fashion Team and the Primetime Emmy Awards or acting on TV & in Films like Days of Our Lives, Fashion House, Out of Sight and Journey To the Center of the Earth, Jennifer is continuing to do what she loves most: perform!  Jennifer signed on with Walgreens Corporation to Host a fourteen episode series called Discover Beauty Within, where she consulted with and made over everyday women as well as provide Style and Beauty tips. 


In addition to her acting and hosting gigs, Jennifer is also a Producer and is currently developing a Make Over show that she has created called I Need A Day Off.  To quote Jen “I love what I do, love to challenge myself to the limit and am thankful for every job that comes my way. As a Style and Beauty Expert I love giving people an extra boost of confidence in how they look & allowing them to see things in themselves that they never saw before! For me it’s about giving them a Lifestyle Make Over. As an Actor and Producer I thrive on the challenge of bringing all aspects of creativity together to give my audience the best possible product!”

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